The BritCham Costa Rica committees are created in order to have more impact and focus on issues affecting Costa Rica’s competitiveness, thus companies being represented in the Chamber. Furthermore, the creation of these committees will provide a space for greater member participation in the initiatives the Chamber carries out.

The committees with work as follow:
• The committees will meet at least once a month
• The committees will be responsible for developing a six-month plan where the objectives and activities to be carried out shall be defined


The Public – Private Partnerships & Infrastructure Committee will have as its main objective to understand the PPP model being used in Costa Rica. It is important that this committee will work on how to better inform the different stakeholders about the benefits PPPs can offer in different sectors in hopes that this will lead to investment and a betterment in road, port, electricity, telecommunications and social service infrastructure, among other. Its main objective will be to learn about the current and future government and municipalities’ projects, its guidelines and possibilities to create new partnerships.


The Fiscal Policy Committee will have as its main objective to study the tax situation of Costa Rica. This Committee shall be responsible for regularly reviewing developments in the tax area such as tax reform projects, issuing of new regulations, guidelines and positions of the Tax Administration in order to synthesize information for BritCham members. The Committee will also organize events with guests from relevant entities and government agencies to create an effective dialogue between public and private sector.


The Education Committee will aim to promote the learning of the English language for technical-level professionals looking to improve their knowledge. Through a system of scholarships, selected participants will travel to the UK for a period to study the language and live in an environment that allows its use.  The Committee will also participate in activities when appropriate to promote British education system and its related products.