The British Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association which was established March 15th 2012. Currenlty, the Chamber is made up by businesses and individuals from a wide variety of sectors, which gives strength and a collective voice to the organization to develop a variety of commercial opportunities between the United Kingdom and Costa Rica.

One of the main objectives of the Chamber is to serve as a link for business between the UK and Costa Rica, as well as to promote and support the establishment and operation of British companies in the country and to promote the cultural and commercial aspect of both countries.

For the Chamber, it is extremely important that each of the interests of the different members are reflected in the initiatives carried out and that it allows them to have an opportunity to advance their interests


To become trade leaders in creating new opportunities that promote and increase business relations between Costa Rica and the UK within a socially responsible framework.


To promote commercial trade, improve and expand business opportunities between Costa Rica and the UK by encouraging and diffusing best business practices, social responsibility and justice benefitting both markets and their societies.


    1. Honesty
    1. Social responsibility
    1. Cooperation and teamwork
    1. Freedom and respect
    1. Innovation and creativity
    1. Promotion of bilateral trade and investment


Services and Benefits

    • Provide commercial and cultural information about the United Kingdom and Costa Rica to strengthen bilateral relations and promote sustainable development and socially responsible.
    • Serve as connection for the creation of business between Costa Rica and the United Kingdom.
    • Establish business contacts.
    • Offer advice to its members in relation to bilateral trade (imports and exports).
    • Encourage and support the establishment and operation of British companies in Costa Rica.
    • Organize forums and/or national and international seminars.
    • Organize trade missions.